This Is Silk

Sonal was diagnosed with a severe allergy to all daylight as a teenager which left her skin painful and inflamed. She would sleep on a silk scarf for comfort which greatly helped her condition. When she fell pregnant later in life, hormonal changes brought it all back and she turned again to the silk. She knew the silk was helping her body but didn’t know why and so spent many happy hours at the British Library and learned that silk is known for its wound healing and tissue repairing qualities in the medical world. This lead her to start selling silk pillowcases in 2018. She then began working with leading cosmetic scientists to develop silk based skincare, including a silk peptide. This Is Silk sells all things silk so that its incredible skin and hair benefits can be felt by others in need of soft strength




Sonal Keay


This Is Silk 'Power Up' Silk Barrier Booster