Teddo Play

Children are often left feeling frustrated after long hours in front of screens with rapidly changing visuals and lack of real conversation with real people. Keisha wanted to make an effort to solve this universal problem by creating a range of fun & tactile resources that will encourage children and grown-ups to not only spend quality-time with one another but also to equip our children with accurate information and good vocabulary from early on to help them better express themselves. So Teddo Play was created by a mum, dad and son team, and the trio have set out on a journey to nurture a life-long love of learning in children with their versatile range of engaging and vibrant educational resources, all made right here in the UK. From Maths, Science, Space, Anatomy, Geography, Nature, Animals, Literacy, Numeracy, Food, there is a variety of learning themes in Teddo Play’s range to suit the child’s interests and spark intellectual curiosity in them.


Keisha Shah


Teddo Play Learning Sets


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