Raise & Replenish

Friends Kaya and Sarah were talking during lockdown about how hectic their lives were with Kaya having two babies under two at the time and Sarah dealing with cooped-up teenagers and new virtual demands. They were both using copious amounts of caffeine to keep up with their demanding lives, but by talking, they realised that it was not doing them any good. They both wanted a jitter-free alternative to their usual energy boost, but the idea of a million-step lotion/potion/pill regime was going to be too hard to maintain. So the duo decided to create a supplement blend that was full to the brim of different types of superfoods, adaptogens, mushrooms, botanicals, vitamins, and more so that they would do good, taste good, and look good all in one. And so Raise & Replenish was born.


Kaya Jones & Sarah Emblow


Catch some Zen


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