Little Dish

The woman behind it: Hillary Graves

The top idea Healthy, fresh and fun ready meals for kids.

How it started When Hillary was expecting her first baby, she was shocked to find that food sold in the supermarkets for young children had a shelf life of up to two years or was frozen. So she decided to create a range of real foods that were just like what  parents would make in their own kitchens with no additive and preservatives.  She started testing the recipes on her two toddlers then with mums in her friends and family circle and then hired a research company to ask 200 mums around the country. The results of that gave her the confidence to go ahead. it state with a little trial at Waitrose. 

How it’s going  Stocked at all major multiples. 8 years after founding it, her husband joined s CEO and they have expanded to the US

Cluelessness Factor

The really hard bit One supermarket buyer said he didn’t care about the ingredients in his children’s food only about his margin!