Little Bandits

The women behind it: Jess Harris and Lucy Orton

The top idea Dairy free and 14 allergen free yoghurt for children with 50% less sugar

How it started  Jess’ son Jonah was born with food allergies which meant he couldn’t enjoy fun convenient treats like yogurts that other children could. Food allergies being up to 8 times more prevalent in children than adults, Jess couldn’t believe how limited the choice was in the kids ‘free from’ category and was absolutely determined that Jonah and children like him shouldn’t miss out.  So she decided to create the first ‘free from’ and plant-based brand for kids, including all important vitamins but with a much lower sugar content that other yogurts.

How it’s going Now sold in major UK retailers such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda.

Cluelessness Factor No experience just personal need 

The really hard bit Finding manufacturers who could go beyond ‘may contain’ labels to ensure the products were 100% safe for children.