Friends Ayesha and Katleya were frustrated by the full-coverage swimwear options on the market. They found that all existing ‘burkinis’ lacked femininity, style, quality, or comfort and were restrictive for many women who be it for cultural, religious, medical reasons, being conscious of sun damage, or being body conscious did not want to bare as much skin. They decided to revolutionise the industry themselves by expanding the choices for women looking for a swimsuit and for the term ‘swimsuit’ to be associated with more than just a one-piece or a bikini.  And so Lanuuk was born, so women can still feel beautiful and sensual in a full-coverage suit regardless of age or shape. Soon after launching their first swimwear collection, they began brainstorming ideas for moving into activewear, experiencing the same struggles to find full coverage activewear pieces that suited their needs.



Ayesha Mahomed and Katleya Nielsen


Serena Swim Set

STOCKED, Ounass, Galeries la Fayette