Bemuse began as a buzz of an idea in 2020 by friends Anna Chalov and Nataliya Peretrutova who wanted to create a new drinking experience – something meaningful and unique and something that stood out from the explosion of low-alcohol beers, wines and ciders. That’s why Bemuse mead is made from only all natural ingredients and with a natural fermentation process. So, everyone can feel good about consuming them, whatever the occasion. As working mothers, the founders of Bemuse wanted a different way of building a business – one that it is not only about profit, but which has ethical values that drive a sustainable and responsible operation. Bemuse enables enterprise and the natural world to learn from and support each other, raising awareness of the country’s dwindling bee population, our climate and environment. We are committed to donate 2% of our revenue to support these causes.


Anna Chalov and Nataliya Peretrutova


Mixed Flavour pack - We offer four natural flavours that cater to a range of tastes and occasions.


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